September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites: Mobile Vintage Shops

This week I bring to you my favorite mobile vintage clothing shops. It's my dream goal to take Dean and Bettie Vintage on the road. It would finally roll my dreams of a physical shop and traveling into one. Any one have a vintage camper trailer for sale? Here are some ladies who are living the dream. Please check out there shops they are all great.

                                                                   Oh So Lovely Vintage

                                                                     Lune Vintage

                                                                     Haberdash Vintage

                                                                     Wanderlust Vintage 


Chelsea Dossett Howell said...

This is so my dream too! *sigh* One day :)

Dwan C said...

We will have it!

punky said...

aww, Thanks for featuring Haberdash!

Dwan C said...

Ha Amy! Hello. And you are most welcome. You are an inspiration and I hope one day I can accomplish a mobile vintage shop! Thanks for stopping by!


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