May 23, 2011

Find of the Week

I decided to try a new antique store today and it was fantastic! It was the Urban Suburban Antiques store on Crestwood Boulevard. It's definitely very clean and well organized and they were super nice, a win win for me. I do however miss the glorious mess that Crestwood Antiques was, no offense to anyone but it was great. It was like sneaking into your grandmothers' attic or an abandoned house from the 1900's. There were treasures everywhere and you never knew what you were going to dig up. There was so much jewelry and bake ware and hats and books and ties and good character. The only things missing were ghosts and spiderwebs. I mean it was vintage wonderland. But sadly its no more. The new store however is very...accessible and the dealers there have some terrific items for sale. And I didn't even leave sneezing. I will be back for sure. I was so excited about my find I forgot about the shop! Ha! If you're in the area you should definitely make a stop.

1920's Red Cross First Aid Kit


Audrie Anne said...

Hi! First off, I am a fashion blogger with a love for vintage, and you have a lovely blog, I am now a follower! But I'm afraid I didn't find you through that. I have a first aid kit that belonged to my father, and it matches yours perfectly, except mine is slightly more worn, and it is fully stocked with supplies. I was going to have it appraised, I was wondering how you knew that yours was from the 1920's, there is no date.

Audrie Anne

Hello I'm Dwan C... said...

Hello Audrie! It's so cool that you have the same one I love it so much. When I bought this from the antique store I asked what era it was from and they told me it was from around the 20s. I didn't see a date either and this antique store does many auctions and appraisals so I'm trusting their word on this one. Hope that helps. If you find anything different I'd love to know!thanks for following!


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